Parma CERT


Community Emergency Response Team



Parma CERT Organizational Meeting
Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Location: 7335 Ridge road, (North of Pleasant Valley Road)


                    Parma CERT Program

                6:00 Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance/invocation                      Don Cors
                        Introductions of CERT Executive Committee Role Call:
                        Chairperson                                                    Don Cors
                        Vice-chairperson                                             TBA
                        Secretary                                                        Kathy Stiokis
                        Treasury                                                         Dave Ziel
                        City Liason                                                     Matt Sass
                        CERT Coordinator                                          Don Cors

                        Standing Committee
                        Equipment                                                        TBA
                        Fundraising                                                       TBA
                        Recruiting                                                          TBA
                        Communications                                               Tom Revnyak

                        Financial Report

Old Business
* Review of recent events
New Business
Training/recruiting agenda 2019 * Future events
Open Discussion - questions, comments, concerns...

                8:00  Adjourn     


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